We are Kvadrat SPC – an investment fund created specifically for the investors willing to be accessed to long-term financial solutions

Our main goal is to achieve a stable and significant growth of the Fund. For its realization, we use our own resources, and involve in cooperation the prop traders, prop-trading groups, and small hedge funds that have shown good trading performance, but have limited financial resources.

This approach reflects our idea, which is to offer investors a product that combines the advantages of a fund of funds and prop-trading firm.

Board of Directors:

The Directors are professional traders from Russia with a relatively small experience by the industry standards (6 years on average), who however show outstanding performance results.

Roman Vishnevskiy:
As a member of the Board of Directors Roman is responsible for the overall management of the Company. His duties include the definition of directions of business development, creation of new products, maintaining business relationships with partners of the Company. He also handles all administrative issues within the Company and manages its human resources policy.

Dmitry Belousov:
The main objective of Dmitry is to lead the Company’s traders as well as creation of new trading strategies and solutions for their implementation. He also oversees all processes associated with the prospective developments in the field of trading in financial markets.

Anatoly Radchenko:
Along with Dmitry, Anatoly deals with issues directly related to trading in financial markets. However, his key functions also include the elaboration of marketing policy of the Company and its promotion as well as personal communication with the largest investors.